Santa’s secret is out…

Have you ever wondered how Santa can deliver all those presents in just one night?

It turns out that Santa is secretly a scientist who has discovered how to use cookies to stop time! Learn all about this discovery and Santa’s yearly journey in this fun new take on a classic Christmas tale.

Our team designed this interactive eBook for parents to read together with their children. You do not need any science background to enjoy the story!

We have carefully hidden interesting scientific facts throughout the story to plant little seeds of knowledge and curiosity that can help grow future scientists. We also included many detailed “fun facts” for curious readers who want a deeper understanding of the science behind Santa.

Keep scrolling to view an interactive version of the eBook (click here for a full screen version) and to learn more about this project. You will also find links to download a free copy of this eBook for your preferred device and to view a video version of the story. Also, check out the next book – Santa Studies: The Aurora !

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About this project

The year 2020 has been an absolute roller coaster, affecting the lives of pretty much everyone on the planet. There has been a constant stream of scientific information to the public about things like viruses and transmission rates. This has really highlighted to us the importance of building scientific literacy and strong, trusting relationships with scientists.

We know that times will be tighter this year, so we wanted to do our small part to spread some joy this holiday season, while also promoting a lifelong enjoyment of science, by creating this free eBook.

About the team

  • Roshan Achal: Roshan earned a PhD in Physics focusing on nanotechnology and atomic-scale manufacturing. He is currently working as a research and development scientist, designing ultra-low power devices. During his PhD he stored and played back the first 24 notes of the Mario theme song using just 62 atoms. He is an avid science communicator who believes that science should be accessible to everyone. At age 5 Roshan decided that Santa must be a scientist who developed a teleporter, which led to the inspiration for this story. Learn more about Roshan here.
    Find him on Twitter: @TheSmilentist

  • Sarah Nersesian: Sarah is completing a PhD studying Immuno-Oncology at Dalhousie University. Her research is focused on uncovering creative strategies to activate or enhance the immune system’s ability to target ovarian cancer. She founded and co-owns a scientific illustrations company, Designs that Cell, which has designed illustrations for over 30 scientific publications, a handful of books, numerous grant figures, and has consulted for a variety of non-profit and private companies.
    Find her on Twitter: @NersesianSarah

  • Pramodh Yapa: Pramodh is a PhD student in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Alberta. He studies the properties of matter when it is cooled to near absolute zero and explores how quantum mechanics leads to the formation of new states of matter. He is currently obsessed with superfluid Helium-3. In 2019, Pramodh was the winner of the Dance Your PhD competition for his swing-dancing rendition of electron behaviour, “Superconductivity: The Musical!”. Outside of various #SciComm activities, Pramodh enjoys playing Ultimate frisbee, recording music or exploring the great outdoors!
    Find him on Twitter: @PramodhYapa
  • Jordan Phillips: Jordan completed her MSc in Interdisciplinary Geophysics at the University of Alberta, and has a background in environmental geoscience. In her MSc, she studied the public perception of hydraulic fracturing, induced seismicity, and the oil and gas industry in western Canada. Jordan is also an experienced freelance editor who specializes in maintaining the voice of authors while enhancing structure and clarity. She is currently working as a project manager with the REDEVELOP Program, based at the University of Calgary.
    Find her on Twitter: @GeophysGinger

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