About me

I earned my PhD in Physics from the University of Alberta, where I used creative approaches to push the vision of atomic-scale manufacturing forward for better electronic devices and memories. I also worked to help commercialize this technology, allowing me to simultaneously develop practical business expertise and insights throughout the entire process.

I have extensive technical writing and public speaking experience. I have presented to audiences of four to over four hundred, and to groups with diverse backgrounds ranging from experts and investors to the general public. I have also earned a number of accolades for my ability to distill complex ideas into easily accessible segments across a variety of different media. One of my current outreach projects involves introducing children aged 4-7 to important scientific concepts through fun and engaging stories. I have been able to work with an amazing team of people to bring the free children’s eBook series Santa the Scientist to life.

My current role involves leading multi-person projects and research to further the development of atomic-scale manufacturing and circuitry. This role allows me to blend my two passions and engage in both the research and business sides of science. I also manage and coordinate the intellectual property that results from all of the company’s projects. In addition, I serve in a technical liaison role, introducing investors to the scientific side of projects.

In 2017 I constructed the “World’s Smallest Maple Leaf” from just 32 atoms to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. In 2018 I designed and demonstrated the “World’s Densest Solid-State Memory” by storing and playing back the first 24 notes of the Mario theme song with just 62 atoms. Most recently I developed a technique to improve the scalable manufacturing of atomic-scale devices through the use of “Molecular Erasers.”

When I am not moving atoms around, I am usually playing some sort of sport, working on an artistic undertaking, or trying to learn a new hobby. I enjoy making videos to explain nanoscience to the public in 90 seconds and I was also a co-organizer of the ComSciCon-CanWest 2020 and 2021 science communication workshops.

My experiences have given me a very diverse and adaptable skill set. If any of my expertise could be an asset to your upcoming technical, business, or creative endeavours, get in touch!